Primary Uniform

Pre-school & Reception

  • Navy jogging bottoms - Branded
  • Grey pinafore/skirt
  • Navy sweatshirt
  • White T-shirt - Branded
  • PE: Navy shorts (optional for hot weather)
  • PE: House colour specific T-shirt - Branded
  • Backpack - Compulsory
  • Plain black shoes/trainers (no logo or colour)

Year 1- 6

  • Navy jumper/cardigan - Branded
  • White Polo Shirt (Long or short sleeve) or White shirts
  • Mid Grey trousers/skirt/pinafore/shorts
  • PE T-shirt - Branded (House colour specific)
  • PE Navy shorts (optional for hot weather)
  • PE Navy sweatshirt - Branded optional
  • PE Navy jogging bottoms - Branded optional
  • Backpack - Compulsory
  • Plain black shoes or trainers - no logo
  • Hair ties - plain black or navy

Please Note

  • One plain stud in each ear is permitted – other visible facial piercings are not permitted eg nose / lip;
  • A watch may be worn - no jewellery;
  • Hair must tied back with a plain black or navy hair band;
  • Fake tattoos must not be worn;
  • Nail varnish is not permitted.

Summer Uniform

From after the Easter holiday break, children may if they wish wear the following summer items:

  • Red summer dresses

  • Short sleeved shirts

  • Grey Shorts

  • Short white or grey socks

These are all readily available in a number of supermarkets.

Examples below:

Summer Uniform

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