Year 8 Get Animated!

Year 8 students are undertaking an ambitious project during the autumn term. We are exploring how to create stop motion animations and manage a creative project.

Students have learnt about the different types of animation and the history of the artform. We have explored the skills animators need to plan and execute a project, and we have learnt how to work professionally as a team while using camera equipment.

Students have now pitched their ideas, chosen which animation to make and assigned job roles. Over the next few weeks students will be making their pieces and problem solving.

“We chose to animate a tree growing. The drawing and creativity are what I like most about animation.”

"Our animation is about a rally driver. This is the first time I’ve done animation before and I’m really enjoying it."

"I took inspiration for my animation from my favourite animation artist, Jack Stauber. He did a video called “Milk” about music and a man in a grocery store. That’s why my animation is about a carton of milk that comes to life and grows eyes."