Attendance and Lateness

Absence Policy

At Millbay Academy safeguarding of pupils is our priority and to fulfil that priority we need to be aware of where our students are always. We are attentive to everyone's presence and wellbeing and notice when someone is absent. It is important to always inform us of non-attendance as soon as possible so we can support a smooth return at as soon as possible, minimize the impact on learning, and maintain a strong sense of belonging.

You can let us know by:


Phone: 01752 221927

Lateness Policy

Ensuring our students are well-prepared for their future careers involves recognizing the significance of punctuality in various aspects of life. To foster character development and work readiness, we attach great importance to addressing the consequences of being late. While we always consider individual circumstances, we maintain a zero-tolerance approach towards unnecessary lateness in alignment with our core values.

Students will:

• Dedicate time to a staffed detention.
• Receive support from our welfare team if lateness becomes a recurring issue.