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English as an Additional Language

Millbay Academy is composed of a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities with over 20 different nationalities and languages are spoken; making Millbay Academy school unique due to the South West being a predominantly white, working-class coastal city.

As a school, we take pride in making sure all students are listened to and are in the position to progress and access their learning to their fullest potential. A real area of support and knowledge is making sure all students with English as an additional language have the opportunity to achieve the same outcomes and you can see this through our high success rate in our GCSE results.

Welcoming New Students

Upon arrival, students will get an induction package which will be translated into their language as well as English. They will then receive an initial assessment to determine their English language proficiency to help the staff put specific measures in place to ensure all students at Millbay Academy are given equal opportunities. The language assessments are there to not only make sure all EAL students have the appropriate support in place but are also in the correct set, or will choose the subjects that are appropriate for their ability and interest. An individual tour of the school will be followed by a 1 to 1 meeting, with the EAL coordinator adapting the meeting to be translated in the student's mother tongue. Within this meeting a timetable will be issued, and a student buddy system will be in place to help integrate the student into school to decrease any anxiety and cultural pressures. Each student will have training on a range of new technologies and will be able to access a laptop to use for lessons to help progress their learning, using a variety of apps and language resources to help develop their English understanding.

Millbay prides itself on supporting new students in becoming independent learners from the start. In addition, we ensure their English skills grow and develop the challenges to master as much of the curriculum. EAL students that come to England with good language skills. We aim as a school to support the students' proficiency and literacy in their first language and where appropriate to enter them for a GCSE.

Support for Parents and Carers

The school understands that without support from parents and carers, EAL pupils may not be able to reach their full potential in school. Millbay Academy makes a strong effort to support parents and guidance from the first day of school. We are aware that some parents may not be familiar with the English language, school curriculum, grade and assessments and therefore the EAL coordinator will support by organising individual meetings to explain the education system, provide direct contact with the EAL coordinator via email when they need to discuss concerns or further information and all emails from the EAL Coordinator will be translated in their language and made easy for them to access to understand the school process.

Teaching Practice and Support in the Classroom

Millbay Academy aims to achieve outstanding outcomes for all our students, especially our EAL students. We have a wide range of fantastic teachers and pastoral support that students can receive throughout the school. The school invests considerable time ensuring that our class planning and differentiation fully meets the needs of all students, especially EAL students.

The majority of EAL support centres around creating a visual map that students can follow accompanied by a host of translation devices that help them build up keyword banks, phonics through lexonik, high-frequency words and supported reading interventions.

Millbay Academy is highly recognised as an inclusive multicultural school and it is constantly growing and enhancing its practice with further CPD and staff training giving the best opportunities for EAL students.

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