Our House System

Our House System aims to give you the opportunity to work together, creating a truly united environment and ensuring that age is not a barrier to friendship and collaboration.

Our House System will have lots of competitions to suit all of your interests (Sports day being a feature!). We will have the all-important termly round up where the current leader is announced and where the competition winners are revealed.

Our House system allows for the promotion of student’s responsibility, The House Captains hone their leadership skills in the role, managing not only their peers but also learning how to work with the staff body.

Our houses have been named after streets local to our school. This connects us to our community and helps us to think about our locality.

In September, you will be told which house you are in and given your house badge.Staff will also be sorted into houses and will rally their teams.

House Points

House point:

Awarded when you do something that impacts the school community, it is an act that goes above and beyond day to day expectations. These are rare items.


Awarded when you do something that is to be recognised on an individual basis, eg, a great piece of work in class or 100% attendance. Students could achieve several per week.

House points are awarded for ‘Going the Extra Mile’

You can earn house points for your:






”By collecting the litter from around the school perimeter, Jim has improved our community’s environment. That is ‘Going the Extra Mile’. I’ll give you a house point. Thank you Jim, excellent responsibility!”

“By greeting a school visitor and making them feel welcome, Sally has represented the school in a positive and respectful light. That is ‘Going the Extra Mile’. I’ll give you a house point. Thank you Sally, excellent respect!

“By asking thought-provoking questions in class Oliwia shows the depth of her understanding which moves the learning on for the whole class. That is ‘Going the Extra Mile’. Well done Oliwia, excellent curiosity”

“By reporting behaviours that Reuben felt was unsafe, he has prevented other students from being potentially hurt. That is ‘Going the Extra Mile’. I’ll give you a house point. Thank you Reuben, excellent courage!”

“By initiating a community radio broadcast to promote a local charity, Mohamad has helped to raise participation in a community event. That’s ‘Going the Extra Mile’. I’ll give you a house point. Thank you, Mohamad, excellent creativity!”

House Captains

House captains will be appointed to lead each house team

Qualities we look for in house captains are:

A caring and supportive manner

Great organisation skills to help in the running of House events

Leadership qualities to motivate students to participate in House activities.

Prizes and competitions

There will be a trophy awarded to the winning house and a rather special treat for the winning house ‘top scorers’ in the summer term.

House competitions will be held throughout the year with individual prizes awarded.

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