Artist Workshop for the Queen's Jubilee

Year 9 students at Millbay Academy have been selected to take part in an exciting opportunity called River of Hope; a National Project where schools across the country have been selected to work with a professional artist and create a collaborative art work which is to form a central part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

The theme of the project was to study a local river exploring the natural environment and to consider students' hopes and aspirations for the next 70 years.

Students at Millbay worked with Ione Maria Rojas, a visual artist who uses the natural environment to inspire her own practice. Students were taught how to process and use natural clay that had been dug out of the earth to make sculptures. These sculptures were photographed and edited together to create a silk flag design that will fly as part of the parade for the Queen’s Jubilee Pageant in the Summer.