Commonwealth Games Baton Relay

Plymouth Dance School founder and Millbay Academy staff member ‘privileged’ to be baton bearer.

The founder of Rhythm City dance school in Plymouth is "flattered and privileged" to have been chosen as a baton bearer for the Commonwealth Games. Chris Gilchrist was invited to run with the baton from Armada Way to New George Street on July 4.

Staff from Millbay Academy took a small group of students along to be with Chris as he carried the baton along on its journey. Chris was also joined by his son, Kaiden.

The Birmingham 2022 Queen’s baton relay is visiting Plymouth during its final journey through England this summer - it will spend two days in the South West between July 4th and 5th. A number of people throughout the city have been nominated and chosen to carry the baton along its route.

Chris said: "It means I can represent my dance studio and I can represent my crew Beat-Breakers for all the work we’ve been doing over the years. It’s another thing I can show my son and for him to be proud of me when he’s older."

"It means people are recognising the work that, not just myself, but that my team are doing. It’s a shame my team can’t run beside me but I’ll be running it for all of them. It feels amazing and means a lot."

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