Exams Made Easy

As exams approach our Year undertook a workshop to assist them with their revision, led by Danny Ward from MADE training. The “Exams MADE Easy” workshop is designed to teach the students new revision techniques and help them to find the most efficient ways of committing knowledge to their long term memory. Both the trainer and trainees came away from the session informed and inspired! Quotes below.

“This was a terrific day of training, and I left the school with a real sense of an important impact having been made. As always, I was well supported by the staff and if you can measure the success of a day by the number of fist bumps from students on the way out, then it was none other than a roaring success.” Danny Ward, MADE training

“It made me consider how I should revise and acted as a wakeup call telling me to revise. I will utilise the flash cards for revising in small chunks” Y11 student

“Made me notice revision is easier than it seems and I am in control of my grades” Y11 student

If you would like further support helping your child revise at home, please visit the MADE training website https://www.made-training.com/glossary