Gemma and Emma from Plymouth Marine Labs stopped by Millbay recently to chat to our students about the important conservation work they do and how their careers have progressed. Students were then given the chance to engage with questions and come away with new thoughts and ideas. Comments from the students below!

“This session has made me think about my future and what I would like to do as a job. It has also made me reconsider the effect we have on the ocean, both good and bad”

“There are really wide job opportunities and ranges to choose from. I think that the jobs that marine biologists do are very important because they deal with the relationships between the sea and the climate. It has also made me think about jobs like marine biologists and sea vets. It has made me want to consider taking a route into this area. Did you know you could pick up programming from marine biology! Crazy right - more reasons for me learning more about this field.”

As an Academy we would like to congratulate and praise all of our students for the enthusiastic and mature way they have participated in these opportunities.