Skills Development with the Dpt for Work and Pensions

Over two sessions, the Department of Work and Pensions have been working with our Year 11 cohort on their readiness to apply for apprenticeships and interview successfully. On Day 1, students covered personal presentation skills, writing a CV and personal statement, interview protocol and how to find an apprenticeship. On Day 2, students undertook mock interviews with local employers from Vospers, Plymouth Argyle Community Trust, Babcock, TH March and Sentinel Healthcare.

Feedback from the employers was very positive. Some quotes are below.

“Thank you so much for today. It was a really nice experience working with your young people in year 11. I found them very welcoming and open to advice and guidance. Although some were very nervous initially, they interviewed very well and were great ambassadors for Millbay Academy.” Justin Jewell, Plymouth Argyle Community Trust

“I just wanted to say I was so proud of the students that attended the two sessions last week and couldn’t get over how they presented themselves in their mock interviews.” Bridget Cooper, Dpt Work and Pensions

Fantastic experience, well organised and prepared, thanks Bridget and Cass. This was rewarding, it was great to positively (hopefully) impact the students. I liked that it was generic - lots of backgrounds and not tailored to engineering. Students were so engaged and well prepared, they took it seriously. Next step could be to interview for a specific role and enable the students to research a company." Emily Todd - Babcock

Feedback from the students was equally positive:

“I learnt to be confident, how to speak properly and what to talk about. My interview went very well. I was a bit nervous but I was fine when I sat down. I am proud of going to my interview and saying everything I needed to.” Y11 student

“I learnt how to show up appropriately for an interview and what to put on your CV. The interview wasn’t that bad, it got easier when I started talking. I am proud of doing the interview even though I didn’t want to do it at first.” Y11 student

“ I learnt how to turn up to an interview and what to put on CVs, I didn’t really know before. It was useful knowing what questions would be asked during an interview. The Vospers interviewers were very friendly and interested in me. I will be taking away knowledge around interviews - knowing what questions to expect, what the key points I might be asked and I will be ready to answer any weird questions.” Y11 Student