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Here you can find a summary of Millbay Academy's approach to SEND support.

Primary SEND Team

Meet our Primary SEND team lead by Esther our Primary SENCO

Charlotte Parry

Primary SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)

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Martin Rogers

Primary HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Hannah Blair

Primary TA (Teaching Assistant)

Victoria Glattback

Primary TA (Teaching Assistant)

Lisa Atkinson

Primary TA (Teaching Assistant)

Kevin Rose

Primary TA (Teaching Assistant)

Lotta Sampson Stone

Primary TA (Teaching Assistant)

Layla Stringer

Primary TA (Teaching Assistant)

Anita Toth

Primary TA (Teaching Assistant)

Megan Williams

Primary TA (Teaching Assistant)

Secondary SEND Team

Meet our Secondary SEND team lead by Nick our Secondary SENCO

Nick Griffiths

Secondary SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)

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Zelwan Nader

Progress Support Worker

Aaron SzeToo

SEND Support Officer

SEND Summary

Find our SEND Information Report below, aims of our provision as well as information about our SEND and PASTORAL graduated approach

What are the aims of the SEND provision at Millbay Academy?

Millbay Academy is an inclusive all-through School, where all teachers are teachers of pupils with special educational needs & disabilities

  • To deliver a curriculum and create an environment that meets the needs of every student at Millbay Academy
  • To ensure that every student with special educational needs and/or disability makes the best progress possible.
  • To foster and promote effective working partnerships with parents/carers, pupils, and outside agencies.
  • To listen to the voice of all pupils

SEND Useful Information

A summary of Millbay academies approach to SEND support.

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